Why We Do It

We deeply respect the men and women in the Public Safety realm that spend every day of their lives protecting our families, our citizens, and our visitors.  Our founding members include professionals who have served in the field of public safety and the military.  Our cumulative years of industry experience have provided us with the insight to recognize the overwhelming need for leading edge technology, connectivity, and emergency vehicle equipment. Our expertise in technology, mobility, and upfitting will provide our first responders and all front line personnel with optimum solutions.  We also have specialized solutions for agencies involved in utilities, public works, transportation, and private on the road enterprises. The progression of accessible products are ever-changing, making it difficult to perform job duties while staying current with the latest equipment available for your organization. We spend valuable time researching the best companies so that we can provide top-notch options for our customers.  Front Line Mobile Tech strives to deliver the products and services which can enhance your organization through quality offerings, streamlined processes, and the ability to provide solutions that are fiscally responsible.  We can introduce the latest products, assist in plan development, research specific solutions, and deliver a variety of options that we strongly believe will improve the safe and efficient performance of all front line professionals.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to be the leading technology-based company focused on providing state-of-the-art mobile technology and emergency vehicle equipment to the professionals that are on the front line of our most critical situations. We exist to support law enforcement, fire, EMS, military, and all other front line professionals in their efforts to make our lives safer.

Next Steps...

We look forward to working with you. Please reach out and let us understand your current operations so we can determine where we can be a resource.